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About Josh

I'm a 10+ year experienced marketer and a 15 year vegan. I run Sell Vegan, which helps small and medium sized businesses to sell more vegan and plant based products.

After studying Psychology and starting my career at Google and then The Urban List I've refined my craft bringing digital and hospitality experience to small businesses.


I'm focused on providing a valuable mix of best practice advice, planning and management to help vegan and vegan-friendly businesses to sell more products.

I love filter coffee, have travelled to 27 countries and was the winner of the local falafel eating competition in 2011.

Interested in my services? Read up about my approach on the homepage.

Some Awards


My Expertise

Selling online and supporting offline. I help businesses to sell vegan and plant based products online, build audiences and generate brand awareness.

I provide the most value for small businesses that sell vegan products but am open to working with big business if there is a good fit.

I will only work with businesses that are making a positive impact to their industry or the world.

I'm a regular contributor to marketing publications. I am best known (and most happy about) my piece detailing how I turned $1.24 into $1000 of Uber Eats credit.

Some Features

“Every time we get out of a meeting with josh we say to each other, “man, he’s so great!” Josh totally gets it. He listens carefully to what we need, is proactive in recommending the best way forward, and transparent about the resources required.

Aviva Beecher-Kelf, Jenna Moffat

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