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Hire me as your Digital Marketing Planner

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For those looking to get a plan in place to grow and sell more online. I'll read your data and put together a concise plan of attack.

Video sessions and shared collaborative meeting minutes

Spaces are limited. I am only taking on clients that are a perfect fit

No lock in contracts. If I’m not providing value, I’ll stop charging

Monthly planning session

A monthly session to run through your monthly report and plan of attack (below).

I'll be your Digital Marketing Planner and meet with you and anyone in your team. I'll run you through the key findings from your monthly report and detail the implementations from your monthly plan of attack. I ensure that you leave this meeting with a clear understanding of actions to be taken in the month ahead and how to do them.

This meeting will typically run for 1-2 hours and is placed in either the first or third week of the month depending on availability.

Monthly report

A refreshingly independent, unbiased and impartial report that tells it like it is.

I'll be your Digital Marketing Analyst and give you a monthly report that reads between the lines of data in your website analytics and core marketing channels. I don't believe in big pieces of paper, only impactful insights - that's why I'll never drown you in unnecessary data. I'll show you the most important findings and be ready to dig into deeper data at the drop of a hat.

  • Key findings: 5 high level insights that paint a picture of your current digital marketing health.

  • Current performance: Detailed findings that lead me to the key findings.

  • Your own dashboard: An automatically updated and interactive dashboard. Learn more about the dashboard.

Monthly plan

Your actionable strategy and tactics for the month and quarter ahead.

I'll be your Digital Marketing Strategist and give you a monthly run sheet to give you direction. Whether you're an internal team or outsourcing (freelancers or agency) I'll articulate an easy to follow strategy with tactical suggestions.

  • Recommendations: A detailed list of optimisations that you can make to your digital marketing this month.

  • Opportunities: A list of thought-starting ideas to tackle in the quarter ahead.

  • Positioning, messaging, distribution, hiring an agency or freelancer.

  • Strategy, tactics and implementation guidance.​

Organic and paid social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok), Organic and Paid Search (i.e. Google), Display Advertising (i.e. Google Display Network), Email Marketing (Automated Email Sequences, Email Collection and Email Newsletters). Press (Getting in the news) and Website Optimisation (Increasing conversion rates).


Implement without ambiguity with friendly and fast support.

I'll be your digital marketing support and provide you with timely help to guide your implementation. Ask me anything throughout the month that pertains to your monthly report or plan of attack and I'll respond within 48 hours.

If you don't want to implement yourself then I'll help you find a freelancer or agency who can. I'll provide access to my expert network of specialist freelancers who can help you to execute.

  • Incidental support (included): 48 hour email support for any items covered in the above deliverables.

  • Hands on support (extra fee): Bespoke strategy documents or projects.

  • Freelancer support (third party): Introductions to vetted and experienced specialist freelancers I trust.

Some clients I've Planned for

culture kings logo.png

Working with Josh has been the best marketing decision we've made. We've worked with a range of agencies over the years and Josh takes things to the next level because he plays as one of your team, deeply understanding your business and making decisions from there. Josh helped us get a significantly better ROI than we have ever had before across all of our online advertising, was able to orchestrate effective digital marketing campaigns and make our multichannel approach look way more on brand. There are no questions that we'll continue to work with him longterm!


Daniel Angelini

Founder at MOVI Workspace


Looking for more?

Check out my other plans, crafted off learnings from helping over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online.

There are no lock in contracts, I don't believe in those - If I'm not providing value then I don't want to be charging you. Planned and Managed plans come with free access to all Hedgehog Resources.

Hire me as your digital marketing manager

Not ready to commit?

Or looking for help on a specific topic?


Get specific best practice advice on a one-off basis.

I offer a one-off session designed to provide you with specific advice to help you get past that roadblock. Chat to me about your website, paid and organic search or social media, email marketing or positioning.


Book a 30 or 60 minute session.

Meet the Dashboard

A simple, high level overview of your digital marketing performance.

Hedgehog Marketing Dashboard Example.gif

All Hedgehog clients get 24/7 access to their own digital marketing dashboard.

It’s an automatically updated, interactive dashboard that hooks directly into your website and core marketing channel analytics.

You'll get an understanding of where your traffic is coming from, its behaviour in your on-site funnel and more.

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