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Publicly Launching a Vegan Product Directory

I recently launched a new website for the vegan market in Australia called Buy Vegan. It is a plant based directory for living on the veg. Or, in non-branded terms, it’s a directory of all the amazing plant based / vegan products that you can buy in Australia.

While building the website I thought to myself - “Hey, you know who would like to hear about all this? The clients and prospective clients of Sell Vegan!”. And that’s why I’ve decided to publicly launch Buy Vegan via this blog.

Follow along for my content pieces on how I chipped away at all the various requirements of starting a new business.

I will be releasing a content piece each week to keep you updated on the progress of building Buy Vegan.

Below are the first 8 content pieces that I’ve planned (based on what’s happened in the first month), with more to be added as we progress.

  • What’s In a Name? Choosing the Name Buy Vegan.

  • What's in a Brand? Designing a Kick Ass Brand for Buy Vegan

  • Being SEO / Google Ready to Ensure Buy Vegan Ranks in Search Engines

  • Being Content Ready for Socials and Email

  • The Soft Launch (Friends, Groups, Associates)

  • The Hard Launch (Comarketed Competition)

  • Investing Further in SEO Due to Initial Success

  • Direct Cold Email to Potential Partners

I hope you enjoy the story and take key learnings from my journey which you can apply to your own business.


Sell Vegan is a marketing consultancy firm that specialises in helping businesses to sell more vegan products via direct online channels and offline support. Learn more about Sell Vegan here.

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